All Prices and Additional Fees

Here is a complete list of all of my prices and additional fees:

$50.00 for 15 HDR images
$75.00 for 25 HDR images
$95.00 for 35 HDR images
$120.00 for 50 HDR images
$3.25 per additional HDR image between package
$75.00 for 8 exterior twilight images
$10.00 per additional exterior twilight image

$35.00 Unprepared Property Fee: This is if I arrive at a property and it is not ready to shoot and I have to go back. This will apply even if it is partially prepared, and I can shoot a few rooms, but I still need to go back for the rest. Outbound mileage will still apply.

$20.00 Reschedule Fee: This is if a shoot needs to be rescheduled less than 24 hours before the shoot.

$15.00 Revisit Fee: This is if I just need to go back for a few shots of the exterior or one single interior room. This only applies to shoots that are within 15 linear miles of 85020. Anything outside that limit will be subject to the Unprepared Property Fee. Outbound mileage will still apply and the $3.25 per additional HDR image cost will apply.